Dating Tool’s!

Who’s online:
Shown on their profile, in the search and on the search page! Right beside their profile picture. The Green button indicate, that they are online. Likewise it can be seen, by clicking on the Live chat icon, shown in the lower right corner. All online members, will be shown her!

Private (live chat) messages:
You’ll find this feature on the members profile. By clicking the Message Icon , beside their profile picture! When clicking, a popup window will appear and you can now live chat, in a real time messenger. One on One private live chat. All contact options, are on the members profile!

Viewed profile:
When a member views your profile. You’ll receive a notification, about the visit and all notifications, can be found in the members menu. By clicking on the Bell Icon .

Block a member:
Block or report a member. By clicking on the Slash Icon on the bottom, of their profile.

Deactivate your profile:
You can temporarily deactivate your profile and activate again at any time!

Delete profile:
You can delete your account. In this case, your profile will be permanently deleted after 90 days. You can restore again, within this period of time!

Privacy settings:
Who can view my profile – images:
No one (hide profile – images) or both.
Friends only
Registered users only
Subscribed users only

Add a friend:
How to add a Friend. Just click on the Friend Icon on the members profile and a friend request will be send to the member. If they accept, an notification will be send to you.

Create blogs:
Can be done, directly from the blog page. Blog posts is public and can be posted, by any admin member. You’ll find this option, in the main navigation menu! Write a artificial and share a post!

IP – location:
Geo location or IP location, is a small plugin, which detect your location, through your IP address. This will be displayed, with a flag and country name on your profile and on the members profiles.

SSL secured!
Secure HTTPS WEBSITE – PCI Checked. This site is safe and no data will be shared!
Secure HTTPS Checkout – PCI compliant. Payments are through: PayPal is the faster, safer way to send money, make an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account.
Add to favorites:

Add to favorites:
Go to the members profile. Click on the heart icon on the right and add them, by clicking.
To remove a member from your favorite list.
Go to the members profile.
Click on the heart icon on the right and remove them, by clicking.

Like profile:
To like a profile. Simply press the thumb Icon, on their profile. Just beside the heart Icon!

Add pictures:
Depending on your membership level. You will be able upload at least 10 pictures.
Settings > photos > browse > upload…

Notifications are a central aspect of the user experience and you will be notified by Email or popup messages. Which include friends requests, when you have a message, all invitations, been invited to a group or forum and other activities.

Most actions, will resolve, in some kind of notification.It’s possible to deactivate, most notification!Every member can view their read and unread notifications on their

Profile features:
Upload multi pictures, create galleys, private videos, YouTube videos, edit your cover/profile picture. Setup and manage your account. Fill out or change the search fields. Share you content, with your friends only or with all the members.

Follow all your own activities and all the members activities. Post content on the social wall and furthermore, you can managed all this, from your panel, inside your profile. We certainly hope, that some of these features, can help you in your search. These features depends on, with membership level you have!

Finally I would say:
Thank you for taking the time, to read this feature list. So now you should be ready, to take the first step and hopefully find a the one you have been looking for? Enjoy and good luck!


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