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Modal, 27 years old, LadyboyPhuket, Thailand
Shengg, 36 years old, HeterosexualVisby, Sweden
John Allen, 65 years old, HeterosexualWhitehorse, Canada
Emily Rata, 31 years oldBanbridge, United Kingdom
Marian Jala, 30 years old, LadyboyKaohsiung, Taiwan
Mickael Dahmer, 47 years old, HeterosexualDarwin, Australia
Alex, 25 years old, HeterosexualBasel, Switzerland
Joyheine, 25 years old, HeterosexualAliwal North, South Africa
Ahmad, 50 years oldDubai, United Arab Emirates
Sandy, 28 years old, HeterosexualMakati City, Philippines
Jessie Meck, 31 years old, HeterosexualNorth Cowichan, Canada
Channy Leegim, 33 years old, LadyboyMakati City, Philippines
Marie, 64 years old, HeterosexualWesthoughton, United Kingdom
Yonna, 30 years old, HeterosexualSolano, Philippines
Vivianna, 32 years old, HeterosexualPalayan City, Philippines
Mira Butterfly, 39 years old, HeterosexualKristiansund, Norway
Billy Northweight, 47 years old, HeterosexualLong Beach, USA
Keir Dullea, 27 years old, HeterosexualNan, Thailand
Pauline, 34 years oldBayonet Point, USA
Anne Mia, 24 years old, HeterosexualBalagtas, Philippines
Susan Anderson, 39 years old, HeterosexualLittle Rock, USA
Cecile, 25 years old, HeterosexualRome, USA
Maria, 29 years old, HeterosexualMati, Philippines
James Hanson, 43 years old, HeterosexualKilmarnock, United Kingdom
Sunshine, 31 years old, HeterosexualGuiset East, Philippines
Aisia, 30 years old, HeterosexualZamboanga, Philippines
Cindy, 32 years old, HeterosexualBanqiao, Taiwan
Mia, 28 years old, HeterosexualTaipei, Taiwan
Katacha Mendora, 27 years old, HeterosexualTabuk, Philippines
Mike, 60 years old, HeterosexualDevonport, Australia