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Lili Lyn, 32 years old, HeterosexualTabuk, Philippines
Aleksei, 34 years old, HeterosexualSaint Petersburg, Russia
Svend Berg, 50 years old, HeterosexualLund, Sweden
Lucinda, 27 years old, HeterosexualLa Trinidad, Philippines
Jenny, 39 years old, HeterosexualManay, Philippines
Modal, 27 years old, LadyboyPhuket, Thailand
Marlee, 31 years old, HeterosexualSurigao, Philippines
Dan Cortese, 60 years old, HeterosexualLittle Rock, USA
Star, 26 years old, HeterosexualSamal, Philippines
Tina Samson, 24 years old, HeterosexualFort Erie, Canada
Tina, 30 years old, HeterosexualJincheng, Taiwan
Geogrina, 33 years oldWest New York, USA
Keir Dullea, 27 years old, HeterosexualNan, Thailand
Channy Leegim, 33 years old, LadyboyMakati City, Philippines
Kitty, 29 years old, HeterosexualUalog, Philippines
Stephen Curry, 57 years old, HeterosexualLivingston, USA
Debbie Dahmer, 31 years old, HeterosexualPasig City, Philippines
John Allen, 65 years old, HeterosexualWhitehorse, Canada
Andre Dubus, 52 years old, HeterosexualAntony, France
Shengg, 36 years old, HeterosexualVisby, Sweden
Jessi Maylound, 25 years old, HeterosexualParang, Philippines
Jason Chaffetz, 42 years old, HeterosexualAdelaide, Australia
Dorrine Jamason, 28 years old, HeterosexualDarwin, Australia
Yoyo, 25 years old, HeterosexualYujing, Taiwan
Terisita, 30 years old, HeterosexualSan Jose, Philippines
Steven, 38 years old, HeterosexualYemva, Russia
Mark Milley, 46 years old, HeterosexualAdelanto, USA
Ricky, 44 years old, HeterosexualLacey, USA
William, 58 years old, HeterosexualIglesias, Italy
Patrisa, 27 years old, HeterosexualSan Jose, Philippines