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Mike, 61 years old, HeterosexualDevonport, Australia
Yoyo, 25 years old, HeterosexualYujing, Taiwan
Sandy, 34 years oldFresno, USA
Dennis Johansen, 55 years old, HeterosexualAalborg, Denmark
Melissa, 33 years oldSan Francisco, USA
Dan Cortese, 61 years old, HeterosexualLittle Rock, USA
Houston Carla, 40 years old, BisexualChester, USA
Cindy, 33 years old, HeterosexualBanqiao, Taiwan
Michelle, 30 years old, HeterosexualBeijing, China
Katacha Mendora, 28 years old, HeterosexualTabuk, Philippines
Patrisa, 28 years old, HeterosexualSan Jose, Philippines
Nicole, 35 years old, HeterosexualDakar, Senegal
leizel, 33 years old, HeterosexualFussa, Japan
Justina, 28 years old, HeterosexualTupi, Philippines
Pixel Lee, 30 years old, LadyboyBangkok, Thailand
Misty, 25 years old, HeterosexualPasig City, Philippines
Diva Davidson, 38 years old, HeterosexualFremont, USA
Keir Dullea, 28 years old, HeterosexualNan, Thailand
James, 58 years old, HeterosexualBirmingham, United Kingdom
Malshi Nimesha, 23 years oldRatnapura, Sri Lanka
Alex, 26 years old, HeterosexualBasel, Switzerland
Dorrine Jamason, 28 years old, HeterosexualDarwin, Australia
Anna Veejay, 35 years old, HeterosexualBrantford, Canada
Vlad Tecnicoff, 64 years old, HeterosexualParnas, Russia
Cecile, 26 years old, HeterosexualRome, USA
Montai Tagasan, 61 years old, HeterosexualMitaka-shi, Japan
Francesca, 32 years old, HeterosexualOklahoma City, USA
Summer, 33 years oldSydney, Australia
Ohio Martine, 60 years oldLos Angeles, USA
Yheng, 28 years old, HeterosexualNan, Thailand