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Daryl Van Al, 44 years old, New York City, United States
Mickael Dahmer, 45 years old, Darwin, Australia
Kenneth Walsh, 48 years old, Blackpool, United Kingdom
Parla Hendez, 25 years old, Cebu City, Philippines
Lindll Banqi, 24 years old, Banqiao, Taiwan
Mamah Cheney, 33 years old, La Trinidad, Philippines
Jim Anderson, 36 years old, Greeley, United States
Alister, 56 years old, Paris, France
Michellie Jones, 33 years old, Burlington, United States
Peter Nielson, 36 years old, Visby, Sweden
Andre Dubus, 51 years old, Antony, France
Natalie, 25 years old, Stockholm, Sweden
Tina Samson, 22 years old, Fort Erie, Canada
Arne, 62 years old, Copenhagen, Denmark
Michael J. Hertz, 43 years old, Hollywood, United States
Meredith, 24 years old, Berlin, Germany
Kenny Clark, 36 years old, Columbus, United States
Thomas Carew, 64 years old, Rochester, United Kingdom
Mike, 58 years old, Devonport, Australia
James, 46 years old, Tonsberg, Norway
mira, 38 years old, Kristiansund, Norway
Ron Faucheux, 51 years old, Le Havre, France
Cindy, 31 years old, Banqiao, Taiwan
Vlad Tecnicoff, 62 years old, Parnas, Russia
Aleksei, 32 years old, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Chynna Phillips, 28 years old, Colchester, United States
Sunshine, 30 years old, Guiset East, Philippines
Anna Veejay, 33 years old, Brantford, Canada
Julia, 31 years old, Mont-Royal, Canada
danielle, 38 years old, Oak Hill, United States