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Jannis Hemsem, 30 years old, Cebu City, Philippines
Antoinette, 29 years old, Samal, Philippines
Brian Nielson, 58 years old, Niagara Falls, Canada
Aleksei, 33 years old, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Sophia, 29 years old, Singapore, Singapore
Pixel Lee, 28 years old, Bangkok, Thailand
Teresa, 31 years old, Quezon City, Philippines
Annie, 28 years old, Davao, Philippines
Marian Jala, 30 years old, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Genevieve, 26 years old, Berlin, Germany
Cecelia Cichan, 28 years old, Tanauan, Philippines
Alister, 57 years old, Paris, France
Billy Northweight, 47 years old, Long Beach, United States
Irene, 28 years old, Goussainville, France
Mike, 59 years old, Devonport, Australia
Star, 30 years old, Ranong, Thailand
Bebe, 30 years old, Quezon City, Philippines
John Allen, 65 years old, Whitehorse, Canada
Vain Washington, 38 years old, Metz, France
Leizel Lynsey, 24 years old, Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines
Yheng, 27 years old, Nan, Thailand
Todd, 32 years old, Xi’an, China
Katacha Mendora, 27 years old, Tabuk, Philippines
Victoria, 25 years old, Mankayan, Philippines
Daryl Van Al, 45 years old, New York City, United States
Minni, 32 years old, Darwin, Australia
James Hanson, 43 years old, Kilmarnock, United Kingdom
Steven, 37 years old, Yemva, Russia
mira, 39 years old, Kristiansund, Norway
Skyler, 51 years old, Brisbane, Australia