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Ricky, 44 years old, HeterosexualLacey, USA
Jen Jen Mar, 24 years old, LadyboyBan Chang, Thailand
Vivianna, 32 years old, HeterosexualPalayan City, Philippines
Sun, 30 years old, HeterosexualKaohsiung, Taiwan
Peter, 42 years old, HeterosexualFrederiksberg, Denmark
Minni, 33 years old, HeterosexualDarwin, Australia
Wills Donalda, 41 years old, HeterosexualSão Paulo, Brazil
Obeng Kwesi, 19 years oldTafo, Ghana
Vain Washington, 39 years old, HeterosexualMetz, France
Tasker Jackson, 66 years old, HeterosexualKings Park, USA
Joyce Robert, 31 years oldAtascadero, USA
Jim Anderson, 38 years old, HeterosexualGreeley, USA
Marlee Koung, 31 years old, LadyboyBangkok, Thailand
Judy Markson, 41 years old, HeterosexualLong Branch, USA
Ahmad, 51 years oldDubai, United Arab Emirates
Aisia, 30 years old, HeterosexualZamboanga, Philippines
Justin Duchsche, 54 years oldCanberra, Australia
Montai Tagasan, 61 years old, HeterosexualMitaka-shi, Japan
Kenny Clark, 38 years old, HeterosexualColumbus, USA
Andre Dubus, 53 years old, HeterosexualAntony, France
Misty, 25 years old, HeterosexualPasig City, Philippines
Paul, 54 years old, HeterosexualDerry, USA
Sarahe, 27 years old, HeterosexualSan Francisco, USA
Leemai, 31 years old, HeterosexualZunyi, China
Keir Dullea, 28 years old, HeterosexualNan, Thailand
Mira Butterfly, 40 years old, HeterosexualKristiansund, Norway
Todd, 33 years old, HeterosexualXi’an, China
Joyheine, 26 years old, HeterosexualAliwal North, South Africa
Pauline, 35 years oldBayonet Point, USA
Aleksei, 34 years old, HeterosexualSaint Petersburg, Russia