Why Filipino Women Marry Older Foreign Men


It has become common, for people all over the world to marry, not for love but primarily for financial security. Financial stability has pushed people, mostly women, to find partners with thick wallets, instead of love. Because they see it, as their meal ticket and their way out of poverty.

In their desperation, they turn to marriage for money. Since they have the expectation, that their husband, will pay not only for their needs. But also those, of their families.

Marrying for money has become the norm in Asian countries, including the Philippines. This practice has been done in the past. But back in those days, it was much harder. Because communication between them and the foreign men was limited.

They could only be pen pals or talk to each other through phone calls, which was very expensive at that time. Because of this, marriage between foreigners and Asian women, were rare.

Nowadays, with the internet, emails, and social media. It much easier for men and women to marry someone, from the other side of the world. While some Filipino men also do it, this practice is much common, for Filipino women. But why do women prefer, this kind of relationship. Where love is not the main reason, they choose a partner?

Here is 5 Reasons why:

  1. They believe, that this is the fastest way for them, to get out of poverty.

Filipino women are general, deeply attached to their families and most of them, will do anything to improve, their parents and siblings living conditions. That also includes, marrying for money. You can ask any Filipina! Why they have chosen to marry older foreign men and their answer will likely be! We need the money and we need, to help and support our families.

Marrying into wealthy families is an old tradition and Filipina’s are not much different from those. Who see marriage, as merely a business transaction.

  1. They seek older men because they know. That they are much more willing, to be in that kind of relationship.

Nobody really dreams of spending the rest of their lives alone and single older men, are no exception. These men are still hoping, to spend their lives with someone. Even if it’s just, as a life partner. It really doesn’t matter, if there is no mutual affection or love. They just don’t want to be lonely and who will say no? To a beautiful Asian woman, half their age!

Filipino women are known to be naturally caring and affectionate. So therefore, foreign men are naturally interested in them and try to search for them. Using the internet, dating sites or media platforms. Filipino women also search for older foreign men. Because they know, that these men are willing to spend money on them. It’s really a mutually beneficial relationship and both of them know it, more or less!

  1. The men’s ages play a crucial role.

Relationships are always risky and those between Filipino women and foreign men, are no exception. Sometimes, cultural differences get in the way and this may, affect both parties negatively. It’s not unheard of and most Filipina’s knows that here are instances. Where men are physically and mentally abusive, to their partner.

These women know, that getting into a relationship with a foreign man. Can be a huge gamble and to play it safe. They choose to find older men. Because they believe, that if they have to sacrifice. A lot or even get hurt! Then at least, it won’t take that long. Because time and age, does not favor, their husband’s! Strange in a way, but very true.

  1. The impression that these men are financially well-off.

Many women especially those, who have poor educational backgrounds. Have this notion, that they need to marry foreigners. Because they have more money, than most Filipinos have. For them foreigners earn dollars and it means. They have more wealth and they unfortunately have this,  deeply embedded in their culture.

That the only way for them to make a lot of money, is by going abroad. Either to find work or to marry a foreign man! This is why Filipino women have the impression and believe. That all foreigners are rich and by marrying one,. They can have a better live and eventually, buy whatever they want and need.

  1. They have the belief, that they will eventually learn to love their husbands.

Although most Filipina’s enter relationships with older foreign men, because of financial reasons. Nevertheless, there are still women who fall in love in advance and subsequently they hope. That sooner or later, they will learn to love their husbands! They are many women, who believes. That to fall in love is a choice, and that loving their husbands, is something that they can learn, within time.

It may seem unorthodox! But marring older foreign men, has become very common nowadays. Even though done it’s done mainly, for financial reasons. Some still find it wrong! Especially if the man is aware, that the women is marring him. Because of financial reasons and thereby, exploits him. 


However, people cannot really blame these men and women for getting married. Because there are mutually benefiting. With women being better off financially and the older foreign men being cared for. So as long, as nobody gets hurt and both parties are comfortable. Then I see no problem, with this kind of relationship?

But hopefully or maybe not, there will come a time. When both Filipino women and foreign men, will no longer get married for financial reasons or to ease their loneliness. But will do so, because they are genuinely in love with each other. 

However, as long as people have different living conditions. There will always be these kind of relationships. Because people want, the best for themselves and for their loved ones. We are after all only human beings!

Marriages in the Philippines 2008 – 2018:

In 2018, the total number of marriages recorded was 449,169. In 2017 and 2018, the percentage change in marriages recorded increased from 3.6 and 3.3, respectively. (See Figure 1 and Table 1) – November 29, 2019.

Updated: Nov 03, 2020


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