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How to find International men – With Top Legitimate Profiles…

If you are looking for a foreign man to date, love or marry, the internet is bursting with sites offering to introduce you to men from around the world.
Take a second to think about your dream man…

Is he sassy, sexy, handsome and loves to be shown off in public? Does he believe in traditional gender roles. Where a man is a man and a woman is a woman? Is he extremely loyal, down to earth, and can’t wait to start a family? Does he pamper you with cooking, cleaning, and massages?

Your dream man exists…

And we can help you find him. With literally hundreds of international dating sites, match making services and mail order bride options – most men waste so much time and money searching for their dream woman and yet still, go to bed alone. Why? Because they’re looking in all the wrong places!

To find love, marriage, and companionship – stop wasting time on dating sites, that don’t deliver. Filipina Dating Service is for you and we are gonna help, find you dream man or at least a man!

Ready to find the Love of your Life?

Let’s fill that empty space in your bed, with a long-term lover. Who adores everything about you.
Our easy-to-navigate international dating site has six main sections to steer you towards the perfect dating experience, for you and your preferences.
If you’re looking for a man to marry. Then quickly learn how much it costs, what’s it included, how to communicate and choose the one that’s right for you. It’s that easy…

When you follow our guides…

You will know exactly what we offer, what services – significantly reduce the time it takes to find love. No more, chatting with men who aren’t sincerely looking for love & commitment.

Know what are you getting…

Love is personal, and so is the dating site you use to find it. Don’t you hate when you’ve found a spark with a man, have a steady conversation flowing and then boom. The site forces you to pay a surprise extra $20 to keep chatting? But not here, because it’s free for women from the Philippines and here it’s the man, that will do the paying. But they will only be paying monthly subscriptions, witch include all features.

The world is now a more open-minded place that is finally beginning to embrace international and interracial couples!

  • Not all men are scammers, sexist or gold diggers!
  • You don’t have to be rich to find love internationally.
  • Men aren’t just trying to get a women, into bed!
  • Here the men don’t have to spend a ton of money to find a wife!

Who is he?

He’s sincere, single man looking for the woman of he’s dreams.
Has traditional values.
Might come from a humble background and will appreciate small gestures.
Likes to take direction from a woman.
Dreams of raising a family in the Western world.
Is ready to move countries to live with he’s new wife.

Who are You?

A woman that is looking for more than casual dating with thankless men.
You are ready to be in a loving, committed relationship.
You want a man who is sexy and attractive inside and outside.
You’re a woman who appreciates the values of foreign man.

Wait a minute! Men are not the only ones who may be having trouble finding that soulmate. Maybe you’re a woman who has fantasized of having a lover or a wealthy american businessman. Many of these international dating sites, also have male listings that women may be interested in browsing.

See what the world has to offer girls! No need to limit yourself to one city, state or even country. If you like to travel the world, meeting a man in a foreign country. Wouldn’t that be a great adventure.

Life is short:

Why not live a life full of love, happiness, laughter, and an amazing intimate connection?
Start browsing our the members pages now and who knows how quickly you’ll make a connection…

Also, let us know of any of the online foreign men, that you would like us to appraise. We will do our best to add them to our black list. In addition, we encourage our users to post their own reviews or comments regarding their experience related to dating or international dating in general. You can that, by blogging, or post it on the social wall. That only the members on this site, have acces to.

We want to get to the truth and you can help!

  • Western Men Don’t Want Strong and Independent Women
  • Don’t Try to Fulfill the Western Standard of Beauty
  • Dress Up and Wear High Heels
  • German Punctuality is One of Your Biggest Assets
  • Dating Western Men is about Being His Biggest Supporter
  • Pay for Your Drink and We Will Pay Respect
  • Believe it or Not but We are Nervous
  • Remember That We are Not Disrespectful (At Least Not on Purpose)
  • You Have Children? Don’t Hide them in the Closet
  • Don’t Try to Get Pregnant on the First Date

​Western men don’t Want Strong and Independent Women
I will never forget when I had this conversation with my Filipina wife.
One evening we were lying in bed and talking about the difference between dating in the West and dating in the East. Suddenly, she said something that surprised me. “I always thought that Western men, want strong and independent women and I say, of course not”

Furthermore, don’t try to fulfill the Western Standard of Beauty! Why do you think so many men, are crazy about Asian women?

Well, because…

Asian women are more exotic, erotic women and have pure beauty. So be proud of yourself and have self-confident. Because…

We love your dark skin.
We love your unique facial structure.
And yes, we think you have beautiful eyes, lips and we love your long silky black hair.
So please stop ruining your health and risking your life. With eye lid surgeries, whitening creams and other humbugs!

I’ll give you the same advice, that I give to men:

You have the privilege that you can contact male members, even if you only have a free membership. But listen, 100% of the female members have the same free membership.
Because, what do you think happens, when the man of your dreams sees your free membership profile and a premium membership profile of another woman?

Of course he will contact the woman with the premium membership!
He instinctively assumes that…
The other woman is not a gold digger, because she can afford a premium membership. The other woman is really looking for a relationship because she makes an effort.
But don’t worry, because on this site. All women members, has a free premium membership.

Dress Up and Wear High Heels…

It’s time for your first date with the man of your dreams.
What do you do?

I think I don’t have to tell you this but I do it anyway. I mean, you are a beautiful woman. You are woman enough to know that men are into feminine women and that a tight dress and high heels have magic powers.

Come on, you know that we love them as much as you do!
So make sure that you upload pictures, that will attract men and dress up, just a bit.

Listen even more carefully!

I know that nobody in your hometown is punctual. I also know that nobody expects it from you. But the rules change when you’re dating a Western man. He doesn’t expect you to be punctual because he knows that he’s not dating an American, British or German woman. But he will love you even more, if you are on time. This is your big chance! Be the one for him and show, that he is the only one that matters.

Dating Western Men is about being his Biggest Supporter

Do you know why Western men are sick and tired of dating Western women?
It’s not just because you are more feminine.
Or because you care more about your body.
It’s not just because you are more respectful.
It’s also because dating a Western woman feels like dating a man. Western women doesn’t want to give a man the support he wants, needs, and expects. She wants her own career without realizing, that men will never be attracted to career women and that’s a fact…

A reminder…

Deep down men are attracted to women who support them.
Deep down women want to be their men’s biggest supporters.
Unfortunately, Western society makes us sleepy.
Western women believe that pursuing a career will make them happy, even though every scientific study, proves this to be wrong.

Be his biggest supporter and he will become the best version of himself and the best partner he can be. It’s that simple.

Believe it or Not but We are Nervous
Don’t expect your Western man to be completely relaxed on the first date.
Maybe we earn more money than you and yes, it’s true that we get a lot of attention on international dating sites, but that doesn’t change anything about the fact that…

  • We want to make a good impression.
  • But are scared about dating a gold digger.
  • We don’t want to mess things up.
  • You are both nervous and that’s okay.


That We are Not Disrespectful (At Least Not on Purpose)
What if he disrespects one of the unwritten rules of your culture?
Smile and tell him what he did wrong without blaming him.
He didn’t do it on purpose. You have to understand that the Western culture is very different from the Asian, African, or South American culture.
Sometimes we mess up.

When I think back to the first date with my girlfriend, I remember how I did three disrespectful things in less than 5 minutes without even realizing it. She told me months afterwards. Thank God she forgave me.

You Have Children? Don’t Hide them in the Closet:

What if you’re a single mom?
Come on, let’s face the truth. Sooner or later he will find out. Don’t hide your kids in the closet, just because you’re afraid of his reaction. It’s a problem for some Western men. It’s okay for others.

Some men would give everything for a beautiful Filipina bride, even if she has a child…

Please ask yourself this question:

  • Do you really want to fall in love with a guy who leaves you as soon as he finds out that you have children?
  • Bring it up on the first date. If he wants a second date, he’s really into you and ready for you and your kids.​
  • Don’t Try to Get Pregnant on the First Date
  • What if you don’t have kids but you want one?
  • Take it slowly!
  • The biggest mistake you can possibly make, and I read about it on a lot of forums (yes, this is especially for the Filipinas!) is to try to get pregnant as soon as you’re in his bed.
  • I know that you want stability.
  • That he’s husband material.
  • I know that you want a family.

But listen to me:

Getting pregnant by a men, who is not ready to have a family. Will lead you on the path to being a single mom. It will mess up your future and the future of your child…

Do you really want that?

Instead, establish a relationship with the Western man of your dreams and talk about family planning once you are in a relationship. That’s the path that leads to a fulfilling relationship and the family you always dreamed of.

Getting pregnant outside marriage is shameful in some Asian countries and its shams the family’s name and honor. My point here is, its very different in the western world. Here you could, live together, have children, without getting married or being married.
Did I forget anything? Let me know.


I decided to write down a few tips for all the women, who stumbled upon this site, because they are looking for Western men.
Remember that Western men want to date you because you think different and look different. However, we are afraid that you are a gold digger and we absolutely hate it, when a woman shows up late and don’t reply back. Even if it’s normal in your culture.

Yes, we are also nervous on the first date and no, we are not disrespectful because we are mean or evil. We just don’t know any better. Give us time and be honest, especially when it comes to children or your desire to have some.

Most Asian women prefer older men and especially Gentleman! So look for men, above 40 years of age. They seem more reliable and they are ready to start their second life, with you!

These words are written to help you, find and meet, the man of your dreams. I do hope, that you have been entertained and it makes you feel more confident and convinced, that it’s possible to find the one and only.

Right here on Filipina Dating Service. I wish you all the best of luck in your search for happiness. Please feel free to Contact Us, regarding any questions!

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